A study was conducted at the Fortuna Agricultural Substation to determine the effect of tree size-controlling roolstocks on yield of commercial mango cultivais Parvin and Tommy Atkins. These varieties were clcfl grafted on Eldon, Colombo Kidney, Mayagüczano/ Turpentine, Cubano, Malda, and Julie as rootstocks. Data on number and weight of fruits were collected during five consecutive crops starting two and three years after Tommy Atkins and Parvin trees, respectively, were planted in the orchard. Yield increased significandy during the first three crop years. Yield per tree was significantly higher for Parvin than for Tommy Atkins. Yields were higher for Parvin grafted on Julie and Malda and for Tommy Atkins grafted on Turpentine, Cubano and Julie. Yields were significantly lower on Eldon as rootstock irrespective of grafted variety.


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