Greenhouse trials were carried out to determine the effect of different ethanol solution concentrations oil the initial growth of'South Bay' lettuce. Lettuce plants in the twotrue leaf stage were dipped in for 2 minutes in a solution containing 0, 5, 10, 15 or 20% ethanol (v/v). Lettuce fresh weight and plant diameter were collected 30 days after treatment. Lettuce plants that received 10 or 15% dipping had the greatest plant diameter and dry weight compared to other treatments, representing about 21.2 and 19.5% increases in fresh weight, respectively. A 22.2% reduction in fresh weight was observed when plants were treated with 20% ethanol solutions. A tertiary relationship characterized the fresh weight response to ethanol rates (y = 109.64 - 0.56x + 0.62x2 - 0.033x3; r2=0.99).


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