In recent years, the Anglo-Nubian breed of goat has been used extensively in crossbreeding work with the native Jamaican goat for improving the produetivity of the native. The purpose of this study is to establish parameters of reproductive performance in the Anglo-Nubian goat in the nucleus herd at the Bodies Research Station. Forty nine (49) purebred Anglo-Nubian does were observed through 136 kiddings between April 1993 and December 1997. The parameters measured include prolificacy, kidding interval, age at first kidding, frequency of multiple births and the relationship between parity and multiple births. The seasonality of kidding was also examined. The Anglo-Nubian does at Bodles were found to have a prolificacy rate of 1.69 ± 0.67 with a kidding interval of 355 ± 90 days (range of 185 - 688 days) and age at first kidding of 517 ± 164 days. The data shows that the Anglo-Nubian exhibits some seasonality in the pattern of kidding with 91.91 % of does kidding between November and April. This is typical of the temperate breeds, which tend to kid in the cooler and drier months.


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