The purpose of the article – to highlight the results of research on strategic areas of agricultural land adaptation to climate change. For agricultural production and formation of economic soil fertility in Ukraine impacts of climate change on warming will be both positive and negative. A significant threat to agricultural production is climate variability, its increasing is expected, will accompany climate change. The basis of strategy of adaptation of agriculture in the enterprises of Ukraine to warming it is proposed to put a number of strategic measures that would allow prevent soil-degradation processes on the one hand, and on the other – have contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during cultivation and increase carbon sequestration, and hence the humus in the soil, thus providing a rational land use. Strategic priorities of development of low-carbon agricultural land use are proposed. Practical implementation of these activities may contribute to the formation of economic soil fertility as a guarantee of stability and adaptation of agriculture to climate change Ukraine and the competitiveness of land use.


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