In Puerto Rico, the commerciaI production ofarraeaeha (Arracacia xanlhon-hiza) is concentrated in low fertility soils. Crop development and yield depend heavily upon supplementary fertilization. Information on arracaeha's growth and nutrient uptake is scarce. This study was conducted under controlled conditions to determine the pattern of dry weight accumulation and to estimate nutrient uptake in arraeacha. Plants were grown in concrete boxes filled with topsoil. Samples were harvested at 28-day intervals from 30 to 198 days after emergence. At each harvest, the plants were divided into the lamina, petiole and corm. Tissues were oven-dried to determine dry weight and concentration ofN, P, K, Ca and Mg. Dry weight accwnulation in the whole plant and in the conn increased linearly throughout the season. Concentrations of N, Ca and Mg tended to be higher in the lamina than in other parts. Estimates ofmaximwn uptake were 279 kg/ha for K.., 128 kg/ha for N, and 106 kg/ha for P. Uptake estimates for Ca and Mg were 32 and 26 kg/ha, respectively.


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