A field experiment was conducted to determine the optimum plant population for maximum plant yield and productivity of bush okra (Corchorus olitoriusy. Treatments consisted oftwo row spacings (0.30 m and 0.50 m) and three in-row or plant spacings (0.20, 0.31 and 0.4 Jl m). These combinations resulted in plant population ranging from 49,261 to 166,667 plants per hectare. Treatments were 􀀀a􀀀r􀀀r􀀀a􀀀n􀀀~􀀀e􀀀d in randomized block design with three replications. Data on plant height, number of stem-branches, leaf anoft stem fresh weight, total plant fresh and dry matter weight, leafarea and leaf area index (LA[) were collected at harvest. On a per plant basis, results indicated a highly significant linear response (P


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