The drink made from Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) is very popular in the Virgin Islands and can be found at roadside stands and during cultural events. Seven varieties of the yellow passion fruit, Passiflora edulis f. j/avicarpa, were evaluated for growth and produetion on T-trellises in the USVI. During the first 20 days post anthesis, fruit size increases quickly at a rate of 2.7 mm/day followed by reduced growth of 0.35 mrn/day from day 21 to 50. Passion fruit vines, established in the field in May, produced the first erop starting in November and lasting through January. 'Noel's Special' had the largest fruits at 81.87 g while the 'UVI Yellow' produced 263.3 fruits/vine. The lowest production, 115 fruits/vine, and smallest fruits, 51.5 glfruit, were obtained on a Taiwanese hybrid. The high initial investment in establishing passion fruit vines can be offset by income generated from the first years production.


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