Hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) is an important crop in Grenada's agricultural diversification programme. In 1997, an inter-institutional 'Task Force" was formed to coordinate the hot pepper development programme. Most activities are undertaken under the 'Integrated Project in Support of Agricultural Diversification in the Eastern Caribbean States" being implemented by DCA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board (GMNIB) and CARDI. Selected hot pepper producers are given "supply contracts", training, technical information and advice, and access to certified hot pepper seeds and limited input supply credit. To date, the effort has resulted in increased hot pepper acreage and yields, reduced production costs, improved produce quality and increased hot pepper exports. The present emphasis is on achieving more effective hot pepper technology development and transfer, and integrating the production, processing and marketing aspects. Ultimately, a tested hot pepper production model will be established to ensure consistently high marketable yields (25 to 30 tonnes per hectare) and adequate production at minimum cost to satisfy the requirements of the local fresh produce exporters and agroprocessors.


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