Two experiments were conducted at Isabela and Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico to evaluate six herbicide strategies in green-shelled bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) production. At both locations, cv. Arroyo Loro was planted on 20 January 1999, and harvested 30 March 1999. The following herbicide strategies were tested: 1) STG-1 = trifluralin [(0.75 kg/ha) preplant incorporated (PPI) followed by (fb) bentazon (0.75 kg/ha) postemergence (POE) and sethoxydim (0.37 kg/ka) POE]; 2) STG-2 = bentazon (0.75 kg/ha) POE fb sethoxydim (0.37 kg/ha) POE; 3) STG-3 = [metolachlor (2.80 kg/ha) preemergence (PRE) fb bentazon (0.75 kg/ha) POE and sethoxydim (0.37 kg/ha) POE]; 4) STG-4 = imazethapyr (0.06 kg/ha) PRE fb bentazon (0.75 kg/ha) POE, and sethoxydim (0.37 kg/ha) POE; 5) STG-5 = trifluralin (0.75 kg/ha) PPI; and 6) STG-6 = non-treated check. Mechanical cultivation was conducted four weeks after planting (WAP) in all plots. STG-1 and STG- 3 were the best strategies in reducing total weeds density at three and six WAP at the two locations. STG-3 and STG-4 were the best strategies against broadleaf weeds at 9 WAP at Isabela. All strategies provided similar yields of green-shelled beans at Isabela, however, the first four strategies provided the best yields at Juana Diaz.


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