Banana crown rot (CR) reduces the quality of exporting banana (AAA) in the Dominican Republic. Annual losses of organic bananas are estimated about US$ 200,000 due to fruit damages caused by CR. So far, CR has been attributed to biotic as well as abiotic factors. To determine the relationship among fungi from washing water and CR symptoms on organic banana we conducted samplings of water in washing stations in organic banana plantation in the Southwest Region of the Dominican Republic. Water samples were collected, processed and isolated on selective Mathur's medium. Isolates of Colletotrichum spp., Fusarium spp. and Curvularia spp. were identified. Isolates of these fungi were inoculated on unripe banana fruits to test for pathogenicity. Isolates of Colletotrichum spp. and Fusarium spp. caused symptoms similar to CR developed under natural conditions. Currently, the efficacy of organic acids products and other alternative control is being investigated.


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