At the first meeting of the Plant Health Directors of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) held during the period 23rd - 25th to April 2008, it was agreed to establish several technical working groups to address the issues relating to various pests of importance to the region. The meeting of CARICOM Technical Working Group on Tephritid Fruit Flies was held in Georgetown, Guyana during the period 16th " 17th September 2009. The general objective of this group is to safeguard the Caribbean from the threats and/or the impacts of introductions, economic damage and spread of Tephritid Fruit Flies through investigation/research and the provision of advise on all matters related to these fruit flies. Several tasks were assigned to Member States and Organizations, most of which have since been fulfilled and reported at the Second Meeting of CARICOM Plant Health Directors held during the period 4th - 5th March 2009. Achievements include a compilation of a list of existing confirmed species; identification of newly introduced species; a listing of species outside the region which pose a threat to the region; determination of species existing within the region which pose a threat to non-infested Caribbean countries; determination and recommendation of systems for prevention, management and/or eradication at the ports of entry and the field; keeping up-to-date with new methods of identification, spread, control and eradication; making recommendations on emergency preparedness for outbreaks; and advising on public awareness.


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