People moving between areas may contribute to the spread of plant pests by inadvertently carrying the pest on themselves, by transporting the pest on objects such as handicrafts, or by intentionally collecting and moving the pest. Visitors to the Greater Caribbean Region (GCR), the most heavily visited region in the world, arrive by air, water, or land, with air travel being predominant. Once in the GCR, visitors frequently move between countries. Cruise ship, ferry, and small boat passengers and people crossing land borders are often not subject to phytosanitary inspections. Inspection of airline passenger baggage is common, but cannot do justice to the ever-increasing passenger volume. The obvious potential of humans to facilitate pest spread, the immense number of travelers into and within the GCR, and an overall insufficient level of phytosanitary safeguards warrant that the pest risk associated with this pathway be considered very high. This work was carried out in the framework of the CISWG Caribbean Pathway Analysis. The complete report can be accessed at: http://carribeandoc.


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