Six weight ranges of ginger seed setts (14 to 28 g, 29 to 43 g, 44 to 57 g, 58 to 85 g, 86 to 114 g, and 115 to 128 g) were evaluated for yield in Gurabo, east-central Puerto Rico. The soil in the experimental area is of the Mabi clay series (fine, montmorillonitic, isohyperthermic Vertic Eutropepts). Rainfall during the nine-month cycle of the ginger (March- December 2005) was 1,744 mm (68.6 in); drip irrigation was also provided on a regular basis. No significant differences in yield were found between the two heaviest seed sett weight ranges used for planting, 115 to 128 g and 86 to 114 g. The 115- to 128-g setts yielded higher (a=0.05) than the four remaining ranges. The average yield of the 115- to 128-g setts was 24.59 mt/ha, whereas that of the 86- to 114-g setts was 18.47 mt/ha. The 86- to 114-g setts yielded significantly higher than the 14- to 28-g or the 29- to 43-g setts. Results indicate that the seed sett weight range of 86- to 114-g is the most feasible weight for planting ginger in east-central Puerto Rico.


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