In sweetpotato, alcohol insoluble solids is an indirect measurement for starch. Recent efforts toward improvement of the tropical-type adapted to the Caribbean Basin relate to the assessment of starch and sugar concentration. The objective was to assess the starch content of two types of varieties recommended for use in Puerto Rico and to compare results to that of the standard variety. The results confirm the higher sweetness of the tropical-type variety as compared to that of the substaple-type. The increase in sweetness was accompanied by a decrease in alcohol insoluble solids. Percentage of alcohol insoluble solids for the substaple variety was significantly higher than that of the tropical-type indicating more starch concentration in the former. Dominicana, the standard variety used in Puerto Rico was statistically similar in alcohol insoluble solids to the substaple-type. It is reasonable to suggest that the Puerto Rican market has accepted a variety with a relatively high starch content.


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