The Caribbean Regional Invasive Species Intervention Strategy (CRISIS) promotes a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing the problem of invasive alien species that variously affect the environment, agricultural production, food security, trade, tourism, public health and agricultural competitiveness. CRISIS is a plan for assisting the Region in preventing and mitigating the introduction, spread and impact of invasive alien species, and for increasing awareness. CRISIS is a framework within which individual country and regional activities could be developed and strengthened, and the sourcing of funds could be facilitated. It encompasses all English, French, Dutch and Spanish speaking countries/territories in the Caribbean Basin including the states of the United States of America (USA) adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and all invasive species with potential to be harmful to agriculture, natural ecosystems and human health. A Caribbean Invasive Species Working Group (CCISWG) is seeking to secure the adoption of CRISIS by all governments in the Region and by various international bodies. Currently the Working Group is giving high priority to the implementation of a two component project: (a) Timely internet-based tracking pest introductions and interceptions, and (b) Development of a Caribbean pest and disease diagnostic system based on distance digital imaging and internet-based communications.


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