The aim of the study was to describe the role of the Leader Initiative in developing social innovation and understand how social innovation works in practice in the environmentally valuable areas of the Lublin region. The aim was to be achieved with literature analysis and empirical studies aimed at identifying innovative activities of Local Action Groups (LAGs). The study was conducted on a group of 13 LAGs (50% of the total in the region). The study used the method of document analysis and a case study. Local development strategies (LDSs), the official websites of associations and the implemented cooperation projects were the source of information about the LAGs. In the light of literature analyzes, an important potential role of the LEADER initiative was proven in the development of social innovation. As demonstrated, the LEADER initiative in the environmentally valuable areas of the Lublin Region is an important but under-used instrument for creating local development based on social innovation. It is advisable, therefore, to develop leadership attitudes in local communities. Local leaders could be entities initiating the institutionalization process of the development of social innovation.


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