Subject and purpose of work: The work is of a review character. The present paper aims to introduce basic definitions related to degradation and reclamation of the areas with lower use value, and also to present the most important species of perennial energy crops, which can be possibly used in the reclamation of degraded soils. Materials and methods: This work is based on collected information concerning soil degradation, perennial energy crops and their use in the reclamation. Results and conclusions: Characteristics of recommended species of perennial energy crops to a reclamation of degraded soils: willow, Virginia fanpetals, the Jerusalem artichoke, giant miscanthus, amur silver-grass, prairie cordgrass, rosa rugose, black locust, ashleaf maple has been presented. The analysis of the soil degradation in Lublin Voivodeship has been based on the professional literature. On that basis, the plants which would be the best in the reclamation of this area have been chosen. This work also takes into account the estimated costs of establishing plantations of these plants.


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