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The main goal of the Innovations in Technology Dissemination (ITD)component of the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) is to increase farmers input into programme planning and resource allocation especially at the block level and to increase accountabili ty of stakeholders. Further, it is also to increase the programme coordination and integration so that program thrust such as Farming System Innovation, Farmers' Organization, Technical Gaps, and Natural Resource Management can be more effectively and efficiently implemented. Objectives : To review the SREP methodology followed in the pilot districts with a focus on linkages and identification and prioritization of research, extension and development issues; To analyze the mechanism followed in each state for implementation of SREP outputs in operationalizing strategies evolved; To identify the gaps in SREP methodology and its implementation process and suggest appropriate measures to overcome the gaps; and To evolve future directions for up-scaling and institutionalization of SREP approach systems, structures and functional dimensions.


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