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Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB) is considered the most important citrus disease around the world. HLB was first reported in the Dominican Republic in September 2008. As a result, the National Committee for an Integrated Management of HLB has been created to take action to mitigate and reduce the spread of the disease around the country. All actions taken for mitigation are based on four important aspects: (1) diagnosis of the disease using polymerase chain reaction (PCR); (2) education opportunties for citrus growers, nurserymen, and private and official technicians; (3) quarantine or regulation of the movement of citrus plants without healthy certification to eliminate and eradicate infected plants; and (4) monitor and control the psillid population. Under this program, more than three thousand trees have been sampled and analyzed by PCR, and more than 50 thousand trees have been scouted in the field. HLB has been found in at least 12 out of 32 provinces of the country, with the highest incidence around 24% in the Puerto Plata area, where the disease was found for the first time. It has allowed eliminating or eradicating more than 20 thousand infected trees. Illustrative, informative materials have been used to increase the general understanding about the HLB, such as poster, brochures, and other kinds of materials.


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