Shanghai should orient its development to becoming a global science and technology innovation center. Now, it plans to launch a strategic research of new round of development in 2050, carry out future urban planning research in 2040, and started start the implementation of thirteenth five-year development planning research. In this process, it is required to fully consider the impact of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, include the construction of global innovation center into the layout of the future development of Shanghai, formulate global scientific and technological innovation center development strategy, and further make clear the leading and support function of scientific and technological innovation to economic and social development of Shanghai. This paper analyzed the relationship between Big Cloud Movement and “Maker”, and the necessities for cultivating “Maker” urban culture to building Shanghai global scientific and technological innovation center. On this basis, it elaborated and analyzed how to integrate the Maker Culture into Shanghai urban culture. Finally, it came up with recommendations for establishing Shanghai “Maker” urban culture.


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