Agricultural institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that HRD is crucial in their success and survival. To measure improved performance of farmers, field extension agents and researchers, variables proposed by Ali et al. (2009) and others (Biemans et al., 2004) were incorporated in a questionnaire which was developed to assess agricultural/professional competencies such as subject matter expertise, skills, attitudes, attributes and communication skills of farmers, field extension agents and researchers. Decision on this approach was based on the characteristics of the three populations, the facilities and the infrastructure. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. Results indicated that: (1) agricultural knowledge should be diffused in a proper way; (2) service level upgrade of farmers is needed and extension workers should support farmers in their needs; (3) Extension Agents need a professional training program in which all of the occupation competences are exercised; (4) information sources should be managed better with the use of information and communication technology for farmers; and (5) capacity building for graduate training is needed in several disciplines.


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