Black Sigatoka Disease of Bananas/Plantains (causal agent Mycosphaerella fijiensis) has been reported in Trinidad since 2003. This is a leaf spot disease, and infected plants generally produce reduced yield of poor quality fruit. Heavily infected plants may produce no yield at all. It is the most serious disease of bananas/plantains, and control entails expensive application of chemical fungicides. Tobago was surveyed in May 2005 and the disease was not detected on the island. Quarantine measures were put in place to prevent its introduction in Tobago. However, after recent reports of disease symptoms in isolated areas on the island, another survey was conducted from December 13 to 16 2011. Results showed that Tobago is infected with the disease but levels of infection vary in different parts of the island, thus suggesting that introduction in Tobago occurred recently. This is the first report of the disease in Tobago. The impact of Black Sigatoka Disease on the banana/plantain industry in Tobago, the estimated time and pathways of introduction together with a proposal for the management of the disease on the island are discussed.


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