Two studies were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of various biological and chemical insecticides in managing pepper weevil (PW), Anthonomus eugenii Cano. The active components of biological insecticides were Chromobacterium subtsugae (Strain PRAA4-IT) (MBI 203) and Burkholderia sp. (strain. A396) (MBI 206). MBI-203 is also known as Grandevo™. Both MBI 203 and MBI 206 are active against insects upon ingestion. Biological insecticides provided significant reduction of PW when used in rotation with thiamethoxam (Actara®) and acetamiprid (Assail®). In another study, experimental insecticides (F9318) showed reduction of PW adults and infested fallen fruits. Thiamethoxam was effective against PW in both studies.


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