Organic mulches are available locally in bulk quantities and at reasonable prices. Such mulches represent an environmentally friendly alternative for weed control and tend to enhance soil conditions. Three organic mulches were applied to plots of West Indies red hot pepper (Capsicum spp.). Wood chips, green waste and coconut fibre were spread in a 7.5 cm thick layer on the surface before planting. A treatment without any mulch was used as control. Treatments were replicated in 4 blocks. Growth was assessed, primarily, by measuring plant height weekly. Harvesting was done continually up to six months after planting. The best total yield was obtained from plants mulched with green waste [6.90 Kg/plot] but this was not significantly different from the control. The wood chip mulch significantly reduced the growth and yield (4.25 Kg/plot, F pr=.02) as compared to in the control (6.44 Kg/plot).


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