Organic containers are environmentally-friendly and are considered a natural approach to starting vegetable seeds. There are several different types of organic seed starting pots to use when vegetables are grown from seeds. Usually the seeds are sown directly into a potting mix inside the pot, so they grow until it's time to be placed in the greenhouse or in the garden. At planting time, there is no need to remove the seedling from its container. Vegetable seedlings move straight to the garden, rather than being repotted. In addition, organic pots can improve the soil. After the seedling is planted the pot's organic material breaks down in the soil during the planting season. Sustainability is a buzzword these days, and sustainable technologies and methods are encouraged to be used. Suriname produces a lot of waste from husk from rice and also from newspapers, which are daily produced. Therefore in lieu of protecting the environment against pollution and to promote sustainable agricultural methods, a study was conducted to produce organic containers from newspapers, rice husk, and manure, and to evaluate the growth of selected vegetable seedlings in these organic containers. Preliminary results indicated that the pots did not restrict root growth, dissolved in the soil quickly, and allowed roots to proliferate in the rhizo-sphere. The economics and efficiency issues of the production of organic containers were also addressed.


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