Rapid agricultural growth continues to be the key to poverty alleviation and overall economic development of Guyana. Agriculture accounts for about 20% of the Gross Domestic Product and is the source of livelihood for nearly 35% of the population. Research and extension have contributed significantly to the transformation of the Agricultural sector; however, the effectiveness of extension services is challenged in the areas of relevance, accountability and sustainability. It is becoming increasingly evident that public extension by itself can no longer respond to the multifaceted demands of farming systems. Present day agriculture is defined by key concepts of stability, sustainability, diversification and commercialization; therefore, there is urgent need for reorientation of the philosophy of extension from a technology transfer mode to a technology application mode. This paper examines the use of the Farming Systems Approach in agricultural extension and recommends the use of this approach to address issues of financial sustainability, farmers' participation in programme planning, researchextension linkages, marketing and value addition in the Guyana's Agriculture sector.


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