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The American serpentine leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) is a polyphagous insect. It is an economic pest of all vegetable crops grown in south Florida, USA. Recently, we evaluated insecticides of various chemical classes to manage leafminer on bean. In the first study, six insecticide treatments belonging to dimaide, neonicotinoid, pyrazole, and spinosyn were used once as a soil application. All insecticides effectively suppressed leafminer infested leaves on beans. In the second study, two insecticides belonging to diamide class at different rates applied at planting as a soil drench significantly controlled leafminers on beans. In the third study, foliar formulations of diamide insecticide similarly controlled leafminers. In the fourth study, pyrethroids alone or in combination with diamide or neonicotinoid provided season long control of leafminers where insecticide treatments were applied weekly for four weeks. This study generated some valuable information for controlling American serpentine leafminers on bean. This information can be used for controlling leafminers on other vegetable crops.


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