Online market is fast expending as more consumers are increasingly shopping online and businesses solidifying their presence online. This paper examines the most preferred (primary or most frequent) market venues that online shoppers use when purchasing locally/regionally grown fresh produce. The target population consists of consumers who made at least two any online purchases within six months prior to participating in this study; hereby referred to as “online shoppers”. The sample consists of 1,205 randomly selected online shoppers residing within the South region of the U.S. Data collection was done using Qualtrics actively managed market research panels and social media such as Facebook, and Twitter. Results indicate that grocery stores are the most preferred market venue online shoppers use to purchase locally/regionally grown fresh produce. The relative probability associated with this situation is 44 percent. Farmers’ markets are the second most frequent market venues with a relative likelihood of 33 percent. The third market venue is on-farm (road stands, you-pick-your own, and agritourism) and the CSA program with relative probability of 7 percent. Online market is currently the fourth most frequent with a relative likelihood of 5 percent. 11 percent of the online shoppers have no particular market venue they consider as primary. This analysis is significant to fresh produce growers and marketers within local food movement because it provides analysis of the most preferred market venues among the increasingly common type of consumers. Results suggest new marketing strategies to conveniently make fresh produce accessible among online shoppers. Furthermore, this study sets a basis for future analyses that will be interested in trucking changes in the preferred market venues for local/regional fresh produce among online shoppers.


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