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In December 2009, SNRI/ADRON received from Bayer CropScience six of its hybrid rice varieties SRH10001, SRH10002, SRH10003, SRH10004, SRH10005 and SRH10006, which have been tested with three of ADRON varieties, ADRON-117, ADRON-125 and ADRON-130 in an Observational Yield Trial. The hybrid varieties were sown at a density of 45 kg seed/ha and the ADRON varieties at two densities 45 kg/ha and 150 kg/ha. The experiment was executed in two instalments sown some four weeks apart to see if sowing date would have an effect on the performance of the varieties. Overall, the earlier plantings gave higher yields both for the hybrids and the ADRON varieties. The later sowing date had a more profound effect on the performance of the hybrids with SRH 10003 and SRH 10004 yielding approximately 2 ton/ha less. The different seeding rates used with the ADRON varieties did not seem to result in big differences in yield, thus suggesting that for the inbred ADRON varieties a lower seeding rate could be applied. While the hybrid varieties gave good yields, traits as phenotypic acceptability, grain dimensions, culm strength and milling quality were not as good as the ADRON varieties.


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