In Mexico cocoa is produced in the states of the southeast region, such as Oaxaca, Veracruz, Tabasco and Chiapas; The present investigation focused on the specific analysis of the phenomenon in one of the most bountiful regions in cocoa production; the city of Tuxtla Chico, in the Soconusco of Chiapas; in which cocoa is produced and processed seed transforming artisanal chocolate. Based on publications of the National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Livestock Research (INIFAP) belonging to the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), this municipality planting and harvesting cacao good aroma and flavor, and according specialists craft homemade chocolate without artificial flavors or chemical preservatives, known today as organic, is made as usual and for domestic consumption. This research was conducted through the methodological tool mesh logical framework, establishing consistency in the phenomenon to be analyzed through building the next object of study: The small artisan chocolate producer organization in Chiapas. Were taken into account (abstract) theoretical dimensions, production, culture and family, and from the field of scientific research studies agribusiness and economic and administrative sciences. Then the problem statement, the central research question, auxiliary questions were asked; they channeled to the design of the objectives that guided the development of research, in order to achieve the desired concrete results and in a given period. His study is small organizations, some family type, which have no impact on the economic and social development of tuxtlachiquense Soconusco region, Chiapas. The present investigation shows signs of originality, because the aspects that are traditionally served in the production of handmade chocolate, lie with technical points of view from the perspective of agricultural sciences. However, the process of transforming it denotes epistemological aspects across all economic and administrative sciences.


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