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This market research was conducted aiming to analyze trends and consumer preferences milk and its derivatives among the strata of the economically active population of the municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez, by applying surveys containing variables such as consumption, frequency, preferably type of milk, presentation and composition, place of purchase and consumption of dairy products. Result indicate that most PEA consume milk regularly and that the minority is not consumed for various reasons among which the taste, the requirements of a medical nature and finally the price in the stratum of lower purchasing power, highlighting the apparent consumption per capita of the municipality is low compared to the national per capita consumption and recommended by FAO. Also the place of choice for the purchase of milk dominates the supermarket, followed by the grocery store and social supply and end zonal markets. By-products which showed higher consumption was the quesillo, followed yogurt and cheese, then cream and finally the butter. Concluding that the more affluent strata showed a low consumption of milk and its by-products for medical grounds and strata with lower purchasing power does it for economic reasons; being necessary to provide producers advisory services Market strategies so they can redirect the type of presentation that results in more value added to milk and its by-products.


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