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Farming in the state of Jalisco is an important income of generation resources and employment in the Western region of México. Such economic activity provides meat to local people. However, Jalisco livestock farms face serious problems of wastewater and manure treatment generating potential and actual environmental impacts. The main cause of these problems is the lack of economic and financial resources to implement appropriate treatment, mainly in small farms. Therefore, livestock farms in Jalisco have trouble to meet the current environmental normativity. This study aims to present the main environmental problems that are characteristic of Jalisco livestock as a whole within a global context. So the amount of waste effluent generated by livestock that has registered the state authorities and compared with the weighted study from bibliographic data are also shown. The results indicate a lack of data displayed by the local authority. Weighted amounts of manure in the study are used to calculate the amount of greenhouse gas that causes the decomposition of manure. Finally, the prospects of the livestock sector in the future are presented in the responsible management of wastes.


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