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This study was conducted in a company in the sector of the dairy, located in the Shire Lagunera, this company is growing - and the dairy industry - and its administrative system was evaluated and found that production could be made. In the administrative-organizational area, it was found that the company can improve its profits other cheaper production costs, to better exploit the opportunities that exist in the milk industry that would help prevent the threats that may arise, try to reduce the weaknesses that need to harness the strengths and the model of FRED. R. DAVID is a tool used for the evaluation and selection of strategies that best suit the company. The evaluation and proposals, within the results that were obtained with the strategic management tool, it was noted that it is feasible and that it is possible to increase milk production of the company. The increase was up to 2.3 liters of milk per cow per day. This found that the use of food additives in feed for dairy cows is effective.


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