In order to determine the existing relation between the productivity of the dairy farms, the forms to commercialize the milk and the quality of life of the dairy producers of the Cienega region with your educative level, this study was realized. In this one, were applied 90 total surveys (30 by locality) in the three potential municipalities: Atotonilco el Alto (AA), La Barca (LB) y Tototlán (TOT). The producers were selected of the Asociation Dairy Producers list’s in each municipality, taking into account the percentage from presence from the three established productive layers from official way (FIRCO, 1985 and SAGARPA, 2005) in the State of Jalisco: 60, 30 and 10% for small (pp), medium (mp) and great producers (gp) respectively. On the basis of this classification, the considered producers were 54pp, 27mp and 9gp, or well 18pp, 9mp and 3gp for each one of the three studied municipalities. The results indicate a very high relation between the educative level and productivity (r = 0.83); a medium relation between the education and the commercialization type (r = 0.52) and a good relation between the level educative with the quality of life (r = 0.67). The general form, we can to say than greater educative level, are present improvements in the productive level, the milk is commercialized of organized way and the quality of life is increased. Nevertheless, this asseveration places to us in problems by municipality, region and statal level inclusive; since the educative level average in the region is of elementary school (78%), to which adds that the average age is of 60.3 years old, which indicates clearly to the limited education and the high age of the producers, which would explain then the tendency towards smaller productive levels, the insistence in the individually dairy work and the resistance to organize itself for the commercialization of the milky one in spite of the efforts of very diverse official and private institutions, and mainly the poor quality level between a great amount of dairy producers municipal and regional level, including the Jalisco State. It is imperative in this problematic, to design and to implement political publics suitable and directed toward the constant and sustainable food production, besides to very watch close vinculation between the university and municipal authorities with the industries and producers of the branch (in its diverse layers), with firm intention to make integration and the work in equipment planned and organized in these times effective of crisis economic, social, cultural, political and environmental areas.


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