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Considering the importance that has taken the feijoa fruit (Acca sellowiana Berg) in the country, due to the nutritional properties and the easy adaptation to climatic zones, is classified as a promissory fruit with high acceptance in the markets. Colombia counts with 137 showed hectares, where Boyaca department has 124 of it’s with 94.7 % with make the department a big producer of the fruit. Feijoa is commercialized mostly for made yogurt, sabajon, jelly and others, hence that commercialization of the fruit to fresh consumption is the lowest proportion and there´s no data or information about requirements of fresh fruit consumers. When it comes to the system production, it’s unknown the seasons of highest production, the scarcity and the different qualities offered. This research was done inside the Specialization of post crop of vegetables and flowers at the Pedagogycal and Thecnological University of Colombia, Duitama. The objective was identify the supply with a case study, using the Appraisal Rural Methodology (Cepeda, 1999) for the town of Tibasosa, determinate demand, ways of commercialization and exigencies of principal supermarkets and sections of Fruver around department stores of big cities as Tunja, Duitama and Sogamoso. The results shown that even the production of the fruit is really close to those stores, the access to the feijoa is really hard, there is no fruit most of the times and it has low qualities if you find it due to the short useful life of five days, the presentation of the fruit is deficient; aspects that researchers taken to give to the producers to make together strategies that help to rise the quality of the product.


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