For almost forty years, from the decade of the sixties up to the present, many new schools, theories, currents and thoughts have been incorporated into the agribusiness management world, all these established by different authors in their own way and according to their own experience. The valuable contribution of each documental and bibliographic analysis is to understand and assimilate the most important issues in each of them. We can see that our own enterprises organized the Mexican way, can be subject to up-dating and continuous improvement in their internal structure. All these statements are valid, as long as we have the capacity and talent to know how to adapt and adopt them to our own circumstances. Nowadays, the control over these matters belongs to American authors. We need to locate the medullar issue that will allow Mexican enterprises to grow under their own methodology avoiding the effect of other cultures by acquiring foreign techniques or management methods and trying to adopt them immediately without proper examination and previous analysis. The challenge for agribusinesses in Mexico, including agricultural, farming and agribusiness developments, is to gradually change with business maturity management techniques, according to the size and conditions of each enterprise, in order to compete first in the national market and then worldwide. The present applied research essay seeks to develop a synthesis of these concepts and state the experience of how the technique called STRATEGIC AGRIBUSINESS MANAGEMENT PROCESS, PAAE (for its initials in Spanish), has been incorporated in the agribusiness scope. This line of research has been improved for more than three decades in order to be successfully applied in the rural environment.


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