There is no gainsaying the fact that Agriculture remains the backbone of developing nation’s economy considering its importance for food security as well as major source of employment and rural livelihood. This is true in Africa as Agriculture remains the major source of income though this varies widely across countries. However, percentage share of agriculture in national GDP of many African countries in the recent time is declining. This coupled with increase in demand for food, population growth as well as changing in consumers’ food patterns have led to increment in food importation bills of many African countries in other to meet their domestic food demand. This paper therefore reviewed the possibilities of African agriculture achieving food sufficiency in the face of 21st century agricultural challenges and opportunities. Effort was made to understudy the pathway to India Agriculture attaining food sufficiency keeping in mind the similarity of India Agriculture to African agricultural scenario with nearly same opportunities and challenges. We therefore conclude that a proactive and innovative pathway should be created in Africa using policy tools, adoption of proven adaptable agricultural technologies as well as promotion of climate smart agricultural technologies for transformation of Africa Agriculture from net importer of food to food sufficiency as well as becoming net exporter of food.


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