This study is a result of the master dissertation that had the aim to understand the Brazilian scientific production about collective actions in agribusiness, found in dissertations (master and doctorate levels) from 1998 to 2012. For this research, collective actions are governance structures characterized by joint action of individuals or firms that join efforts for common goals. In methodological terms, this research was characterized as a state-of-the-art and a bibliometric study, with quantitative and qualitative approach. Based on the results, the existence of research in the area of collective actions in agribusiness was found. Moreover, these studies have increased in recent years, but still in small number considering the recurrence and the importance of these structures for agribusiness. Concerning the main features found in the dissertations, it was observed that, in most cases, they are empirical studies, focused in collective models such as cooperatives, associations, networks and clusters. The results indicate that the agricultural segment was the most researched in the case studies and that the South and Southeast regions in Brazil concentrate both most of the studies and of the collective forms studied.


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