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Certified cocoa represents 3% of the national cocoa production in Cameroon whereas buyers are supposed to buy certified cocoa by the year 2025. How can the rapid adoption of certification be favoured? This paper evaluates the impact of certification on the agro-economic performances of cocoa farmers in the Center of Cameroon , firstly by evaluating the Ordinary Least Square (OLS) for the total sample and for each certified and non-certified group. Secondly we used the "propensity Score Matching", the "Rosenbaum bounds sensitivity" and the "endogenous Switching regression" to assure a robust result. In 2014, the opinions of some 301 certified and non-certified farmers were sampled. Results revealed that two variables have positive and significant effects on the adoption of certification by cocoa farmers: an additional average yield of 174 kg/ha superior to the non certified and a profit margin of f cfa 233 280 /ha. In spite of the positive effects of certification, the objective of 100% of certified cocoa by 2025 in order to meet up the demands of buyers is very ambitious. The government needs to come out with complementary measures and actions to favour the process of certification (accompanying producers and a means of concerted actions among stakeholders).


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