To find the highlighted advantage and development space of plateau characteristic agriculture in Yunnan, using qualitative and quantitative combining methods, comparative advantage of plateau characteristic agriculture in Yunnan is evaluated comprehensively. Qualitation takes Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Guangxi adjacent to Yunnan and Southeast Asian countries which are opening focus of “bridgehead” as reference objects, while quantitation takes 32 provinces of whole country except Hongkong and Macao as reference objects, and there are 4 kinds of qualitation indexes and 6 kinds of quantitation indexes containing 44 sub-items. Results show that comprehensive comparative advantage coefficient of plateau characteristic agriculture in Yunnan is 1.55, and it has 3 kinds of comprehensive comparative advantages: diversity, ecological security and time difference complementation. The research results could provide references for agricultural development in Yunnan and other plateau regions.


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