The development of late comers in the new normal state is a practical and urgent issue to be tackled by underdeveloped areas of China in current situation. The development strategy of late comers is economic development strategy different from economically developed areas. Five element strategic analysis model (ECSRE) stresses intrinsic features of things, which is favorable for making clear weakness of late comers and suitable for southeast Chongqing. With the aid of the ECSRE, on the basis of analyzing resources and external conditions, this paper made an in-depth analysis on late comer strategy for southeast Chongqing from the perspective of industry pattern attribute, development stages, individual characters and thinking pattern of decision-makers. It stresses regional cooperation, unified restriction, dislocation characteristics, institutional simulation and innovation and improving policy system, to stimulate strengths of late comers, so as to promote long-term rapid and sustainable development of folk custom eco-tourism in southeast Chongqing.


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