In the agrarian sector several tens of billions Czech crowns of state and European aid is redistributed annually. The openness of related data and any other that can support economic stability and competitiveness of Czech agrarian sector is a challenge not only for officials but also for research and non-profit sector. In order to determine the current state of availability of open data in agrarian sector 10 departmental institutions have been selected, which are the main producers of agricultural data in the Czech Republic, along with the CZSO (Czech Statistical Office) which is another significant source of agricultural data. The evaluation took place in the first quarter of 2016. The result is a statement that data in formats that allow further processing is published only by two out of ten surveyed departmental organizations. A similar situation prevails in the National Catalog of Open Data where there is no data coming from regarding the agricultural sector. It is proven that making the data open can bring benefits to both farmers themselves, end consumers and other commercial entities. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the safety of data providers, data creators and in turn, the national security.


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