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This work shows the necessary of growing, structure and prioritetes of external transanctions, as the most important aspects of economics cooperation. Present state of our economy and tourist industry clearly indicates the necesity to carry out the reform. There are many interactions betwen agriculture and tourism, that is, theymutual conditions and complement each other. It is of particular interest the intention both tourism and agriculture to become export activities with all Balkan countries as transitory economies. Beside the comparative advantages of the agricultural and tourist products on the appearance on the world market, the agricultural product may be exported “at home” as well, trough pension services, and tourist consumption not included in the pension services of the foreign tourist on the “domestic economic” space. The aaim of this work is to present that the effects would be with the acceptance of the WTO rules on trading with the agricultural products and how to stimulate the agricultural productions and spending through pension services and tourist consumption not included in the pension services by the foreign tourists. Using the comparative, analztical, and the method of a elaboration of a case (case study) will be mainlz used in the case of the Republic of Serbia.


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