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Macroeconomic efficiency analysis of the investment is one of the definite economic area. The efficiency in creation and development implementation does not imply only sufficient investment sum, but also the efficiently of their use. The relation of the investment and a realized GDP or for example a capital relation, fixed funds respectively, according to a realized inputs, we call them the capital coefficients. They express the macroeconomic efficiency of the invested funds into a certain area or sector. The capital coefficients can appear also as the constituents of the more composite developed models. Their use is important for the efficiency valuation of the adopted decision by the central, regional and local institucions, that conduct the policy and the measures of the sustainable and integral rural development. The capital coefficients of the rural area we can calculate as the territorial and sector ones, the approximate and marginal ones, the usual and tehnological ones, and the coefficients to gross or not base. Their circulation in a rural complex understand the certain specifications, the analysis of the important subbefects in the investment process and the accumulation of the fixed funds respectively. This is particulary related to the changes of the country prices in the circulation, as a result of the long-standing investments into the sustainable development and the rural areas.


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