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Simmental cattle, through the reproduction and selection, production of high quality feed, proper nutrition, care, and in the future will occupy an important place in our cattle. All genotypes generated with the combined Simental type characteristics, heifers and cows with the application artificial insemination get different level in this pretopljenosti race, dairy and broiler genotype. In this paper, we covered many important parameters, starting from body weight, daily gain, consequence of calving, milk yield and fat milk, shortening of the period of lactation, growth, youth, nutrition and calves heifers and specific needs in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and water. The electronic system of identification of these animals contribute improving productivity and opportunities of everyday control. each animals on the basis of objective measurement can be estimated. Performance values ​​are equal to additive genetic, interaction and the external environment (P = A + I + S). In addition to meat and milk Simental cattle gives a by-product, fresh and burned manure with an average annual amount of 9-12 tons per a throat. The manure has a specific quality and application in organic and sustainable agriculture. Simmental cattle breed in Serbia is the first place.


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