We are living in the world of globalization, incoming world integration, informatical speed and consolidation. Agreeculture is not any more isolated brench, and food industry has been solved safely. Agreeculture is getting a role of ecological factor and continuos development,and in global trade economy task „precise agreeculture“ and „contour of agrobussines“. Serbia is at the perphery of informatical and biotechnological revolution. It has archaic agreecultural structure (production, possesing), abandon willage and functionally uneducated farmers (literature, documentational, numerical), small inside and unprouchable outside market. Management of quality and marketing are“soft abdomen“ of bussines economy in agreeculture in Serbia. Because of that agrobussines is entry of future development of agreeculture of Serbia, and reaching quality as bussines superiority, aplication of integral marketing with national face and focus on biotechnological resaurches causa sine qua non her countinuos development and integration in global economical directions.


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