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Development of modern cosmical technology made it possible to record electromagnetic spectrum, not only for cosmical research, but also for Earth research needs. Satellite research of regional geological structure, hydro geological cycle, hydro geochemical, biogeochemical and climate processes increasingly take part in global monitoring of the whole planet. Satellite observing and certain issue noting should play an important and necessary role in plans of development and rational natural resources management process. Planning and optimal usage of space is an important factor of each country and each society, where remote detection and management have not only a very important part, but also rationality of ecological and financial aspect. The data obtained from satellite observing and recording, have become essential in geography, agriculture, forestry, waterpower engineering, oceanography, ecology and other segments of human civilization. Multidisciplinary and functional processing and satellite scanning data make a good start for planning the space in ecologically and economically rational model of developing new societies.


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