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According to actual conditions agricultural production development was achieved by harming the environment. The traditional agricultural methods (the natural farms, and plants and animals using in a rural manner) was bequeath us the ruined environment (erosion, barren fields etc). Modern agriculture which based on technical – technological accomplishments could harms it even more and immeasurable. We couldn’t let that development and prosperity of agricultural production does more harm and endanger the environment which could lead to ecological problems with immeasurable consequences. The Agrarian policy should takes into considerations agribusiness agroecological issues in conditions like these. The major goal of a modern agricultural productions and food industry isn’t only to produce more food with lowest possible prices but to contribute the environment protection and prosperity by their activities. Production of “Eco food” was presumed by using of proper ecological technology. Normally, the profile of agribusiness managers should be changed in the first place. They should be the modern type of eco – managers. Their primary task should be to manage the control of applying eco principles with agricultural production. According to the modern agricultural enterprises business managing, beside the market realization as the business component, we should take into consideration the applying of eco principles level as well. Its applying should be considered as preventive measures in the environment protection. The point is that’s much more expensive to overhaul harming consequences provoked by ignoring of the modern agricultural eco principles than stick with them.


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