The concept of eco-tourism had its peak towards the end of the twentieth century. General tendency is to search for new directions of tourism development in tourism that meets special needs. Problems of polluted environment, ever growing alienation from nature, standardization and uniformity of the modern living, are all the reasons why recently more and more people are interested in return to nature and healthy way of life. Great diversity in rural areas that Serbia has is the foundation upon which its future tourist development can be based. Vast number of various natural and geographical areas and the preserved eco-system in them, along with multiethnic communities, old trades, etc. can be offered as extra services in these areas. Tourism itself and its multiplied effect will have positive influence on the economy in these areas. The concept of sustainable development must play an important role in that process, and it should also be the pre-condition for all future plans and activities. The aim of this paper is to show the directions and possibilities for future sustainable tourist development in rural areas in Serbia based on eco-tourism, keeping in mind, above all, its highly preserved and respectable resources.


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