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Main precondition for a country to achieve economic growth is to be included in integration processes. It is no longer question is it or is it not necessary to have global/regional connections, but how to make existing relations more efficient, fair and useful for all participants. EU is an example how, in relatively short period, good environment for economic growth and increase of democratic standards in new country members can be created. Outspreading of EU tension between developed West and undeveloped East Europe are diminished. EU gives good example for others in different areas. Serbian economy during 1990’s was characterised by low investment, technicaltechnological lag and stagnation of growth. Today’s GDP of Republic of Serbia is 65% of GDP from 1990. However, new EU members have already compensation transitional falls and readjust their structure of economy to EU demands. Decreasing and stagnation of GDP in Republic of Serbia on the beginning of transitional process were stopped after 2000 and returned to stable and dynamic trends of growth. However, Republic of Serbia needs to perform significant changes in economic structure and to maintain on long term high growth rate, reduce inflation and unemployment. That will contribute to further growth of GDP per capita and bring Serbia closer to level of development of other EU countries.


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